(1) The mentorship program is aimed specifically at our newer and less experienced members. This program includes a specific 4 hour block of basic safety and woodturning instruction. Once this block of instruction is completed, a specific member will be assigned to act as a mentor. The mentor is meant to be an advisor that the new member can call upon to assist with woodturning issues and answer any questions that arise. Any member or prospective member needing a mentor should contact Ward Holdridge at 910-409- 9406 to have one assigned.

(2) Monthly Woodturning Clinics are scheduled for those members who have a common interest in specific topics that they want to have addressed. These clinics are hands on and accommodate small groups. Attendance is limited. These clinics are taught by a member of the Club and usually at the member's shop or studio. Clinic times, subjects to be taught, sign-up instructions, and exact locations can be found on the website or are announced at regular WAWA meetings each month.

(3) Project specific Hands-on Sessions. One-on- one hands-on instruction for projects is available from experienced woodturners. The members named below have volunteered to instruct those who feel they need help on the specific projects listed by their names. Arrangements should be coordinated directly with the respective instructor.

Hands On Sessions

The following people are offering sessions to help master specific new skills. This service is open for Members Only. Please contact the respective person below and arrange a date and time if you are interested.

Dolan Brown 1. Pens

Bob Buric 1. Pyrography

Tom Caldwell 1. Bowls
2. Lidded Boxes
3. Bottle Stoppers

Bob Dougherty 1. Christmas Ornaments
2. Platters
3. Bowls
4. Sharpening

Ward Holdridge - 910-409-9406 1. Bowls
2. Hollow Forms
3. Lidded Boxes

Jean LeGwin 1. Bowls, natural edge and regular
2. Closed forms
3. Boxes
4. Sharpening
5. McNaughton Hollowing System
6. Wood blank preparation

Omar Rashash 1. Machine maintenance
2. Spindle Turning
3. Boxes
4. Tool making
5. Sharpening

Skip Richardson 1. Finishing

Byron Rosbrugh 1. Segmented turning
2. Deep hollow vessels
3. Bowls

Scarlette Rouse 1. Beginning woodturning
2. Tool control
3. Sharpening
4. Bowls
5. Boxes
6. Platters
7. Embellishments
8. Hollowing
9. Pens

John Still 1. Bowls
2. Lidded Boxes
3. End grain hollowing